Partnering Together to Fulfill the Great Commission


 Annual Meeting 2019

February 24, 2019

dinner at 5:00 pm

Free Childcare

located at Wrightsboro Baptist Church


Breakout Sessions

Below are descriptions of each breakout session.

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Lord Teach Us To Pray

Leader: Wayne Holley

 Jesus prayed and He prayed often. So much that His followers realized its importance and asked Jesus to teach them to pray. Learning to communicate with God through prayer will transform your life. Join us as we learn from Jesus how to pray and get to the heart of God.

Confronting Racial and Socio-Economic Barriers

Leader: James Jamison

 We hope to examine the many ways the disenfranchised are asking "do you hear me now?", and our response. We will talk about being invisible in a room full of people and barriers we didn’t even know exist. Plan to ask the question “why do I have to know all about you and you can leave this earth and never know my name”.  Mental barriers were cultivated behind concrete walls and are perpetuated by those who grew up behind them and now make policy. All barriers are not seen, they are all not impenetrable; but all are built to eliminate the threat.

Engaging An All-Inclusive Men’s Ministry

Leader: Mike Sandlin

The most asked question is, “How can I get the younger men involved?” The second most asked question is, “How can I keep the men involved?” During this session we’ll look at a different approach to Men’s Ministry. What has worked, What isn’t working, and What needs to work?  We’ll talk about reaching the men connected with our churches that we may not be currently reaching, and we’ll discuss ways we can be more effective in reaching our men.


First Impressions

Leader: Robert Keatts

Researchers have discovered that first-time guests to your church make up their minds whether they’re coming back or not in the first 10 minutes of their visit. In this breakout session, we will explore ways we can make those first 10 minutes of our guests’ visit—and the remaining time—meaningful and special. You will leave with practical steps you can begin implementing the very next Sunday. 


Foundational Disciple-Making

Leaders: Bryan Blackwell and Mike Boarts

You will be challenged to think and act biblically toward our mandate to "make disciples."  A high degree of focus will be placed on the relational aspect of disciple-making instead of the more common programmatic approach. Participants will be informed about upcoming training opportunities that will build upon the foundation laid during the breakout, as well as receive a very useful bibliography of relevant resources available that align with the relational model. 


How to Lead Change/Transition

Leader: Wayne Harris 

The one constant in our world today is change! The question isn’t, “Will things change?” Rather, the question must be “How will we effectively and proactively lead the change that is coming our way?” Learn how to manage change through an effective process of transition that helps everyone concerned move from the old to the new, no matter the size – small or large!


Leading Kid’s Clubs

Leaders: Jon & Kerrie Landers

 Come observe a Kid’s Club in action and learn how easy it is to share the gospel with children while having some fun and building relationships. Leaders will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Note: Children who attend the Network’s Annual meeting are invited to participate in the Kid’s Club during the breakout session.


Ministering to Those with Mental Health Issues

Leaders: CareNet Counselors

You will come to better understand the distinction between body, soul and spirit as it pertains to ministry and mental health issues. In addition, you will learn practical steps to ministering to those with mental health issues. There will be a Q & A session.


 More Than Money Matters

Leader: Daryl Trexler

Get the tools and resources you need to help you make informed choices about how you share, save and spend. In this values-based workshop, we will explore: 1. How your values and goals go hand in hand. 2. How to manage pressures to spend so you can save. 3. Different ways to plan (budget) how you use your money.


Planning Short-Term Mission Trips

Leader: John McIntyre

If you’re ready to engage your church body with The Mission of God from your doorstep to the ends of the earth, Short-Term Mission Trips might just be your next step. Short-term missionaries bring passion for The Mission back to the local church body!  We will Cover:  Developing Long-Term relationships with short-Term partners, Planning Activities, Leveraging Partnerships for Training, and Involving the entire church body.


The Nuts and Bolts of Deacon Ministry

Leader: Gene Monahan

The Nuts and Bolts of Deacon Ministry is a tool or a guide to the servant role deacons can live out in their churches. It emphasizes self-examination by individual deacons and deacon candidates, examination of the condition of the local churches, and the continuing need to seek God's will.


Understanding Life Ages and Stages

Leader: Kenny Chinn

Solomon informed us there is a time and a season for every purpose under heaven. When we do not know what these seasons of life are, we find ourselves living out of rhythm. This creates conflict and hardship in life. But if we understand what they are and time ourselves according to their rhythm, life becomes much easier and more enjoyable. Come gain an understanding of the ages and stages of life that will help with all the areas of life we face, from marriage to parenting and everything in between.

Wake Up!

Leader: Joshua Reilly

 The Bible tells us there was a generation after Joshua that arose that did not know the Lord.  Sadly, we live in a time where many in our young generation are not churched and do not know the Lord.  As believers in Jesus Christ we must “wake up” to this reality and be on fire for the Lord.  Join us as we discuss how we as a people can “wake up” to reach a lost and dying generation.


Ways to Improve Your Church's Worship Services Right Now

Leader: Daniel Lilley 

Would you like your church's corporate worship services to be more focused, more fluid, more faith directed and less fictionalized? Ways to improve your church's worship services right now might be the session for you. Learn how to fine tune your church's worship with some Biblical and practical ideas that can be implemented quickly and effectively.    



Leader: Roger Barnes 

Paul, writing to his son in the faith Timothy, warned in the last days perilous times would come. The description he gives of mankind in the last days is an accurate description of today. And there is only one thing that can change the hearts of mankind in these perilous times, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And Jesus himself gave us the command to go and share that gospel message. Saturate Southeastern North Carolina is a way to be obedient to Jesus command, starting in our own backyard. Come and see how you can have a part in Saturate Southeastern North Carolina.